Our Web Development Process


Analysis & PlanningEvery project starts with a concept of what is required. If you do not have a concept yet, we will create one for you. Having a clear idea on what your business does and will do, will allow you to understand which users will visit your site and how they will interact with your site. The site can then be designed accordingly. We will help you define the purpose and scope of your digital projects to ensure they achieve their purpose and you get the most out of them.
Design & ApprovalWhen the concept has been agreed, we begin the task of creating a few drafts for the concept. Continuous modifications to the design are part of this process while we are designing the layout and how required functionality will be incorporated. Once the design is approved, workflow and coding requirements can be defined and the project’s time line can be determined. Each page requirement can be specified in terms of functionality and what the page should contain. Alternatively premium themes that are already developed can be purchased and adjusted to your requirements, this can result in big savings as the process of creating bespoke themes and templates is not required.
Requirements SpecificationsIf required a requirements document will be produced with wire-frames detailing each pages functionality. Once the document has been signed off web development and implementation can begin. The document can be used as a reference document during the development process to ensure we deliver as per your requirements. The document length and detail will depend on the complexity of the project. They are not always a requirement.
Web Development & TestingOnce the requirements specification and design has been agreed upon we will build and implement the website. The process includes testing throughout the web development and testing stage. Any issues will be dealt with in an efficient manner as soon as they become apparent, consulting with you the client as and when required. The site will be released to you the client when we are happy it is as per the specification document. Any snags or issues can be rectified and a launch date finalised once you the client is happy. During this process marketing and advertising can begin to start pushing your digital product/s. 
Website LaunchAfter extensive tests and improvements, we can launch the website. The go live process will usually be conducted when there are ample development resources available to ensure that any issues can be dealt with in a quick and efficient manner. The go live process is usually the most stressful part of the process so we will always ensure we have the resources on hand to correct any issues we may encounter.
Maintenance & EvolutionEnhancements should be an ever evolving process as new information is added to the site, new products or service listings added and/or new functionality built in. This is also where the long term relationship between you the client/website owner and IT-Web-Solutions develops. A good relationship ensuring trust usually leads to great results, which we will always endeavor to deliver. It is extremely important that your website is kept fresh and up to date.


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